30 day



Kick start a healthy lifestyle with 30 days of real food, mindset shifts, lifestyle changes & optional essential oil boost! 

Preparation, recipes, support, I’ve got you covered.

In just 30 days

you can give your body a physical and mental reset.

Practical action plan

You will get a daily doable actions that will give  your eating, thinking and lifestyle a healthy make-over. 

Ditch the overwhelm

You will go from feeling overwhelmed and confused, to confident and motivated to take action.


You will stop feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with how you treat your body because you are taking ACTION towards a healthier and happier you. 


You’ll be so proud of what you’ve achieved during the challenge! Your body will thank you too. You’ll see many improvements in your physical and emotional health. 

What EXACTLY will I be doing during the challenge?

eat real food

Focus on nutrient rich food – meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc

not eating

Gluten, grains, dairy, sugar, legumes (you can do it!)


Affirmations, improve body image + relationship with food.


Everything you’ll do in the challenge is about developing HABITS that you can easily integrate into your daily life. 


Your challenge by adding in some essential oils to support your hard work. (Optional)

Are You….

Thinking that it’s time to feel better, but not sure where to start, or even if it’s possible?

Sick of feeling tired and bloated?

Wanting to improve your relationship with food but don’t want to do another diet?

I was in the same situation!

That was me 7 years ago when I decided to do my first 30 day food challenge.

I had no idea until I got into the challenge that I could feel so good, I had been so used to feeling bloated and tired, I didn’t know there was another way.

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Hi, I’m Annabel

I’m an advocate of 30 day ‘challenges’ because they work!

I have used my 30 Day Wellness Challenges many times personally for different reasons. I have Hashimoto’s which is a thyroid condition and I’ve found a holistic approach, with food at the core, works well for me.

Removing typically inflammatory foods is very helpful for auto-immune conditions, including Hashimoto’s.

It’s easy for bad habits to creep in over time and I’ve found it quite handy to do a bit of a re-group/body rest a couple of times a year. For me, and for many others, a 30 Day Challenge is a great way to do that.

30 days is are long enough to make some significant changes to your life, but 30 days short enough to commit to!

I am passionate about wellness being a lifestyle, so this challenge is about developing some good eating and lifestyle HABITS that you can continue well beyond the 30 days. 

I will have your back during the challenge. I will be there to cheer you on, motivate you when it gets tough (& it does get tough) and give you lots of practical tips and recipes.

The best thing about this challenge is that you can start immediately, no need to wait!

And if you need one more reason:

You’ll do all of this with the support, encouragement and help of other like-minded people who all share the same goals

This is how it Works

Once you sign up, you will receive the 30 Day Wellness Challenge Getting Started Ebook which has everything you need to know to get started + links to the Facebook group and weekly emails.

daily emails

You will receive a weekly email to help you prepare for the week ahead. You also get a ‘prep’ week email to kick things off and help you set yourself up for success.

PLUS each day you will get an email with an affirmation, a food idea and an essential oil tip.

private facebook group

This is where you can share your questions, ideas, recipes and results and get feedback and support. The email information is also found in the units section of the group.


Getting started ebook - all you need to know

Instructions on how to set yourself up for success

Weekly emails - what to expect each week

Before & after assessments to help you track your progress

daily emails to help you stay on track

Lots of recipes available for free

Exclusive membership in a private Facebook Group

Daily Affirmations to tackle mindset shift

Accountability to help you achieve your goals

daily inspiration to help you stay on track

daily essential oil tip to boost your success

direct access to annabel if you need a bit extra

This all sounds great but what if….

...I have special dietary requirements?

No worries! You will be able to adapt the challenge to your needs. The focus here is removing foods that are typically inflammatory and eating nutrient rich foods. There are no set ‘meal plans’. 

...I need help or have questions?

No problem! You will be able to ask questions in the Facebook group or by emailing Annabel anytime.

... I'm not ready to start?

That’s ok! This challenge is designed for when YOU are ready. If you’re ready to sign up but want to start in a few weeks, once you’ve signed up, just email me with your start date so I can adjust when the weekly emails are sent. There will always be things that get in the way, so don’t put it off for too long, there is never a ‘perfect time’! 

...I hate cooking?! (or need some help in the kitchen)

I’ve got your back! This is not a complicated ‘diet’. This is about preparing simple healthy meals. There are lots of recipes on What Annabel Cooks and in my cookbook, if you need some help.

If you really do hate cooking an/or would like someone to cook meals for you during the challenge, I’ve teamed up with my friend Bek at I Hate Cooking. She has cooks across Australia who can come to your home and cook for you! Brilliant.

Bek has put together some 30 Day Wellness Challenge options as a special 30 Day Wellness Mini Cook plus a free cauliflower rice for only $125. To access this special deal, click here.


...I want a detailed meal plan?

This might not be for you!  This is not a program with weekly meal plans and shopping lists, counting points/calories or grams and food journalling. This is a coaching and accountability program primarily. 

To me, this approach feels very ‘diet-y’ to me and I’m not a fan of that. This challenge is about kick starting a healthier relationship with food and your body. It’s a lifestyle approach.

I will provide recipes, ideas, tips & tricks and help to get you started and prepared, but you will have to put some effort in planning your meals and adapting the challenge to your own lifestyle which is far better for you in the long run 😉


...I've got a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition and you are unsure about whether doing the 30 Day Wellness Challenge will be suitable for you, please consult your health practitioner first. 

This challenge does not provide medical or nutritional advice. It is a coaching style program. 

so, are you in?

Are you ready to kick start a healthy lifestyle over the next 30 days? 

need a bit of extra support?

Consider supporting your Challenge with a copy of my cookbook (available in physical or digital versions) or some doTERRA essential oils.

what annabel cooks Cookbook

In this book you will find paleo inspired recipes (gluten, grain & dairy free) that are easy and delicious.  They are everyday recipes your family will love.

  • 160 pages of deliciously easy grain, gluten & dairy free, paleo inspired recipes.
  • Allergy friendly
  • Paleo inspired
  • Tips & Tricks, Breakfasts, Sides  & Soups, Salads, Mains, Sweet Treats, Desserts, Christmas & Resources.
  • Clear simple recipe layout
  • Beautiful glossy photos
  •  Step by step instructions and photos
  • Thermomix directions for many recipes

Many of these recipes are suitable to use during the challenge (just not the sweet things!)

On top of the recipes there are lots of practical tips to make healthy eating easier.

Available in paperback for delivery in Australia and as an ebook (pdf format) available worldwide.

Want the full rundown on the cookbook, head to


 essential oil support (optional)

Essential oils are powerful supports for us both physically and emotionally at all times, but particularly when we take on a challenge like this. I’ve put together my favourite oils to use during the challenge. 

Lemon Essential Oil – lemon is perfect for cleansing both our bodies and can be used as a household cleaner too! Add a drop to some warm water to start your day or to your (glass) water bottle to sip on throughout the day.

Digestzen – doTERRA’s digestive support blend containing Anise Seed, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Rhizome/Root, Caraway Seed, Coriander Seed,  Tarragon Plant, and Fennel Seed essential oils. This can be added to water, or diluted with a carrier oil and applied over your belly to help with those occasional bouts of bloating, digestive discomfort or tummy upset.

Smart & Sassy – doTERRA’s metabolic blend – supports the metabolism, which let’s face it, is often a bit sluggish coming out of winter! Contains Grapefruit Peel, Lemon Peel, Peppermint Plant, Ginger Root, and Cinnamon Bark essential oils – all things we know are good for metabolism, gut and blood sugar regulation.

Zendocrine – doTERRA’s detoxification blend – this one will help support your detoxification pathways as you do the challenge. Tangerine Peel, Rosemary Leaf, Geranium Flower/Leaf, Juniper Berry, Cilantro Herb essential oils.

$35 Wholesale account fee  – this gives you 25% off retail prices for 12 months + ongoing education and support from me. It’s cheaper to buy these 4 oils wholesale than retail, even with the wholesale account fee. Think of it like Costco only cheaper!

Cost of oils pack: additional $172.45 (paid separately)

*Please note that if you would like to purchase this package I will contact you to set up your doTERRA account and the oils will be sent to you directly from doTERRA. The doTERRA wholesale account costs AU$35 and will give you 12 months access to wholesale prices (25% discount).  These essential oils will help support your detoxification pathways, metabolism and digestive systems.


so, are you in?

Are you ready to kick start a healthy lifestyle over the next 30 days? 

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